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PS-1 40ft Boxcar Packs and Repaint Kit

On this page you can download my PS-1 40ft boxcar model, which is available as several ready-to-run models and also as a repaint kit to create your own versions of the model.

The repaint kit includes five fully functional PRR lettered PS-1 40ft boxcars in five different configurations (roofwalks, doors). The real purpose of this pack is however that you can repaint the cars. To make it easier for you to create specific versions of the PS-1 boxcar, several components of the model are included as interchangeable "child objects", which must be added with the car's main BIN file (see the Children entries at the very end of the file).

This is an updated version of the previously released model of this car and will replace the old version in your game. I recommend uninstalling the old version before installing this new model.

Downloads / Standalone Cars:

Download Minerman146's New York Division Pack
Boxcars in liveries of Erie, EL, DLW, CO, BO, LNE, RI, NW, ACL, CNJ.

See the Readme PDF document

Download the PC Pack
Penn Central green 40ft boxcars in various configurations (doors, roofwalks).

See the Readme PDF document

Downloads / Cars With Shared Assets Library:

Download the Shared Files
The Shared Files are required to run any of the repaints below, but need to be installed only once.

See the Readme PDF document

Download the Repaint Kit Pack

Five ready to run cars in PRR colors and all Child Objects for Repainters.

For Repainters: Download the Template Texture Kit
Please click the link above to download a layered PSD file of the car's main texture.
Download the BN Pack

Three cars in BN colors.

Download the GN Pack

Nine cars in GN colors. Many paint schemes included.

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