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PRR Passenger Pack: BA / OD / PD Classes

A pack of three models of PRR passenger cars from the late 19th / early 20th century

Three models of Pennsylvania Railroad passenger equipment: a baggage car, PRR class BA, a combine, PRR class OD, and a passenger coach, PRR class PD. Each model has been built based on blueprints of the real world prototypes, comes rich in detail and with many features.

There are two paint versions for each car, one in brown and one in green, and a pack of roadname textures that can be set by changing the car numbers in the scenario editor, so you can also run these cars for other railroad companies, albeit with a bit of scenario creator's artistic license.

The baggage compartments include a load of mail bags, milk cans and express cargo crates. The crates have been contributed to the pack by Broadway Limited Locomotive Works. Please see their page for some assorted steam- and transition era rolling stock for RailWorks and MS Train Simulator.

The Set Includes:

DOWNLOAD: PRR Passenger Pack: BA / OD / PD Classes

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